Submission Guidelines

Authorship Requirements

To submit a paper for consideration, the primary author must be an undergraduate student at a nationally accredited institution. Authors must also carefully read and sign the Author Contract.

All persons designated as authors need not qualify for authorship as undergraduates. As long as primary author qualifies, secondary authors can include advisors and professional investigators. Primary author should have participated significantly to the concept and design of the work and writing the manuscript to take public responsibility for it. The editor may request justification of assignment of authorship. Names of those who contributed general support or technical help may be listed in an acknowledgment.


Students must have a faculty member or instructor from their institution sponsor their submissions. Sponsors must submit the Faculty Sponsor Form., indicating their endorsement of the paper for submission. Signed Sponsorship forms must be scanned and emailed as an attachment along with your submission to

Formatting Guidelines

We accept papers up to 3500 words. These should be research-based pieces.
Your submitted manuscript must include all of the following sections:
Title Page   Please include the title of the work being submitted, the author's name, institutional affiliation and contact information (including email address, phone number, and mailing address).

Abstract (up to 250 words)

Body (up to 3500 words)

References   You must include a references list in APA style web form. For more information on APA style, please visit their website: Please use no more than 20 references.

*Submissions should be double-spaced and in 12 point Times New Roman font.
*Please number each page in the bottom right hand corner.
*Please include your full name only on the title page. Thereafter, please simply include the title of your submission in the bottom left hand corner of each page.

You must submit an electronic copy in Microsoft Word *.doc format. Please e-mail your Word file to

Submissions should be no more than 3500 words in length (excluding title, abstract and references). If your submission is over the word limit, you are strongly encouraged to contact before the submission deadline. In the past, the managing editors have worked with authors to pare down submissions and better prepare them for consideration by the editorial board.


Submissions are accepted throughout the calendar year. However, the editorial review process begins at the start of each academic semester. Submissions received after the review process begins will be held until the fellowing term. The first deadline for the upcoming issue of the Penn Bioethics Journal, Volume X issue i, to be published in Winter 2014, is June 1, 2014. The final deadline is July 1, 2014. While all submissions received before July 1st will be reviewed for the next issue of the Journal, earlier submissions may receive feedback, improving the chances of selection. Please submit accordingly. Please contact with any questions.

Have Additional Questions?

Please contact us at with any questions on formatting, topic guidelines or anything else.