Volume II Issue ii

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  • Methods to Identify and Address the Ethical Issues Associated with Managed Care by Courtnee Lundy, University of Pennsylvania Read Abstract
  • The Role of Bioethics in the International Prescription Drug Market: Economics and Global Justice by Shelby E. Newland, University of Pennsylvania Read Abstract
  • The Moral Implications of Prenatal Genetic Testing by Peter Chipman, Dalhousie Univeristy Read Abstract
  • Justified Paternalism: The nature of beneficence in the care of dementia patients by Kashina Groves, University of Washington Read Abstract
  • The Ethics of Placebo-Controlled Studies on Perinatal HIV Transmission and its Treatment in the Developing World by Shi (Mark) Gu, Duke University Read Abstract
  • Abortion: Pro and Contra by Laura Jebereanu, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Read Abstract
  • Kant’s Assessment of Motivation in the Fulfillment of Social Obligations by Jackie Knupp, University of Richmond Read Abstract
  • Childbirth in Modern Athens: The Transition from Homebirth to Hospital Birth by Julie Nusbaum, University of Pennsylvania Read Abstract
  • Xenotransplantation: A Rational Choice? by Ololade Olakanmi, Grinnell College Read Abstract
  • For Your First Born Child: An Ethical Defense of the Exploitation Argument Against Commercial Surrogacy by Brendan Osberg, Dalhousie University Read Abstract
  • The Two-Faced Angel: Do Phase I Clinical Trials Have a Place in Modern Hospice? by Daniel S. Ross, University of Pennsylvania Read Abstract

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