Volume IV Issue i

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  • Letter from the Editor Bo Peng
  • Interview: Dr. Renée C. Fox (University of Pennsylvania)


  • The Effects of Society on the Development and Categorization of Mental Illness by Melinda Yang, Swarthmore College Read Abstract
  • The Moral Permissibility of Abortion by Gina Babinec, Dalhousie University Read Abstract
  • Gradualism and the Fetus by Phil Galligan, Stanford University Read Abstract
  • The Need for Patient Preference Research: A Case Study in the Rationing of Limited Resources for Treating HIV/AIDS Patients by Michelle Parilo, Harvard University with Ames Dhai and Mark Brady Read Abstract
  • The Search for an HIV Vaccine: Ethical Issues of Phase III Clinical Trials by Jessica Ho, University of Pennsylvania Read Abstract
  • Recent Development Focus: Failure of the Merck HIV Vaccine by Kavita Vinekar, University of Pennsylvania

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