Volume IV Issue ii

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  • Letter from the Editor Bo Peng
  • Bioethics in the News Markley Foreman, Leila Glass, Tuua Ruutiainen
  • Bioethical Issues Facing the Next President Sasha Riser-Kositsky
  • Interview: Dr. Jesse Owens (University of Alaska)


  • Reading minds? Ethical implications of recent advances in neuroimaging by Sheheryar Kabraji, Edmund Naylor, Daniel Wood Read Abstract
  • The ethical considerations of nootropic drugs: memory boom or drug bust? by Courtney Boeff Read Abstract
  • Should fMRI lie-detection technology be admitted in courtrooms? by Janitza Montalvo-Ortiz Read Abstract
  • The ability of religiously affiliated hospitals to conscientiously object by Michelle Elizabeth Allain Read Abstract
  • Extreme conditions triage by Andrew Bradley Read Abstract
  • Distilling differences: contraception and natural family planning by Steven Baumstark, James A. Brown, Craig J. Iffland Read Abstract
  • Female genital cutting: a philosophic approach by Gina Anne Vaz Read Abstract

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