Volume V Issue ii

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  • Letter from the Editor Michael Weintraub
  • Bioethics in Brief Leila Glass, Tuua Ruutiainen
  • Octuplets Case Study Armin Gollogly
  • Induced Pluripotent Cells Vineet Patil


  • The TRIPS Agreement and Developing Countries by Markley Foreman Read Abstract
  • The Opt-out Organ Donation System by Emily Frydendall Read Abstract
  • The Ethical Repercussions of Patenting Human Genes by Stephanie Hylmar Read Abstract
  • The Chinese Primary Care System by Thomas Hou Read Abstract
  • The Ethics of Condition and Circumstance by Ari Schriber Read Abstract
  • Computers in Healthcare by Julia Yinxin Zhu Read Abstract
  • Towards a More Ethical Medical Environment by Jeremy Schifberg Read Abstract

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