Undergraduate Bioethics Writing Prize

About the Writing Prize

In collaboration with PBJ, the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF) supports a writing prize. Nominations are given by the PBJ editorial board, and the winner is selected by an outside editorial committee from the Penn Bioethics Center.

Writing Prize Winners

Vol VII Issue i: Jessica Y. Neasbitt, University of California, Berkeley for "Lip Services: Discourses on Designer Vaginas"

Vol VI Issue ii: Mayme Marshall, University of Washington for "Placing the Patient at the Center of Care"

Vol VI Issue i: Tony Wang, University of Pennsylvania for "Towards a Military Medical Ethics Framework for Genetic Human Enhancement"

Vol V Issue ii: Markley Foreman, University of Pennsylvania for "The TRIPS Agreement and Developing Countries"

Vol V Issue i: Benjamin Schanker, Boston University for "Ethical Issues in the Advent of Genetic Testing"

Vol IV Issue ii: Courtney Boeff, College of St. Catherine for "The Ethical Considerations of Nootropic Drugs"

Vol IV Issue i: Melinda Yang, Swarthmore College for "The Effects of Society on the Development and Categorization of Mental Illness"

Vol III Issue i: Frances McCorkle, University of Virginia for "Liberal Answers to Callahan’s Communitarianism"

Vol II Issue ii: Courtnee Lundy, University of Pennsylvania for "Methods to Identify and Address the Ethical Issues Associated with Managed Care"