Meet the Board

Srish Chenna 


Srish is a junior (E’24) from Delaware studying Bioengineering, interested specifically in medical devices and tissue engineering. He hopes to pursue a career as a physician. Within bioethics, Srish is particularly interested in public/global health, specifically the rural health care crisis in the USA and abroad.  Outside of PBJ, he is involved in eMed, is a board member on the BMES outreach committee, and conducts orthopaedics research on degenerative disc disease. In his free time, Srish enjoys playing tennis and biking, rewatching his favorite shows, and gaining unique experiences through travel and food.



Ezra Chan 

Managing Editor

Ezra is a junior (C’24) from Vancouver, Canada, studying Health and Societies with minors in Bioethics and History. He hopes to pursue a career in law, particularly as it relates to medicine, global health, and public policy. Outside of PBJ, Ezra has conducted research on the ethical implications of human remains collections in the United States as a Research Fellow for the Wolf Humanities Center. He has also served as President of the Penn Epilepsy Awareness Club and is on the board of Penn Beekeeping Club. In his free time, Ezra enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and basketball, scrolling through wildlife photography, and trying his best to cook.


Sophie Kudler 

Managing Editor

Sophie is a freshman (C’26) from West Hartford, CT on the pre-med track, planning to major in Biology and to minor in American Public Policy. Her passion for the intersection of science and public policy inspires her interest in bioethics. As Co-President of the Penn Epilepsy Awareness Club, she works with the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania to advocate for people with Epilepsy. Sophie also volunteers with the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project and Camp Kesem, and she leads campus tours for the Kite and Key Society! In the summers, Sophie works on Tuberous Sclerosis research at the Kwiatkowski Lab at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. Outside of school, she enjoys solving KenKen puzzles (she published a children’s instructional book in 2021), traveling throughout the US (21 states and counting!), and taking walks with friends.


Ashrit Challa

Managing Editor

Ashrit is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences (’25) studying Biology and Linguistics, with a prospective minor in Bioethics. His interests in bioethics include the decision-making processes in providing both ethical and effective patient care, as well as the bioethical decisions involved in the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities from socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental perspectives. Ashrit is aiming to be a physician in the future, and to that end is involved in translational research regarding the use of novel radio-tracers in predicting cancer drug efficacy. Outside of bioethics, Ashrit is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon (Pre-Medical professional fraternity), Penn Appétit, and Penn Hindu & Jain Association. In his free time, he loves rewatching Modern Family and baking while listening to Taylor Swift.



Michael Proano

Managing Editor

Michael is a Junior (C’24) from Seattle majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Healthcare Management and Chemistry. He is interested in approaches to bridging the gap between research and medical innovation, as well as environmental health. Michael is also passionate about the ethical dilemmas surrounding care for aging populations in the US. Outside of PBJ, he is a research assistant for the Cardio-Oncology Program at Penn Medicine and VP of the Moonshot Committee in the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club. In his spare time, Michael enjoys watching soccer, going to the gym, and trying different restaurants around Philadelphia. 



Avalon Hinchman 

Managing Editor

Avalon is a sophomore (C ’25) from Philadelphia majoring in Medical Anthropology and minoring in Bioethics. She is interested in the intersection between bioethics and reproductive health and the nature of the physician–patient relationship, especially as it relates to providing holistic forms of care. Outside of PBJ, Avalon is a Features editor at 34th Street Magazine and involved with student education at the Penn Museum. In her free time, she loves to run, crochet, and spend time with friends.  

Advait Thaploo

Managing Editor

Advait is a sophomore (C’25, W’25) from Sacramento studying biology, finance, and healthcare management. He’s interested in medicine, biotechnology,  and therapeutics development. Within bioethics, Advait is particularly interested in issues related to healthcare reform, biopharma regulation, and medical spending. Outside of PBJ, he is involved in the Penn Brain Exercise Initiative, the Wharton Investment and Trading group, and works in biological research. In his free time, Advait enjoys reading, cooking, biking, and travel.